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Forrest Beauchamp (1883-1918)

Forrest Miles Beauchamp was born on 19th October 1883 in Cotham, Gloucestershire, the eldest son of Frederick William Beauchamp and his wife, Minnie Blanche (née Dixon). Forrest had three brothers (Frederick Gordon, Arthur Kenneth and Penrith Sutton Beauchamp) and three … Continue reading

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Exploring my possible Mormon relatives

When I was little, I used to attend Sunday School every week, while preparing myself for my First Communion and, later, for my Confirmation. It wasn’t what you might call a very spiritual experience, as our lessons were taught by … Continue reading

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Looking for Rina Amerio’s descendants: the Graziano family

Last October, my dad and I visited the village in northern Italy where my great-grandmother Giovanna Amerio was born in 1895. It was to be not only a quest for missing family information, but also something of a sentimental pilgrimage. … Continue reading

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Fatherless fathers and a long line of strong women

Have you ever thought about what traits you may have inherited from you dad and mum? The obvious answer is “of course”, we all have, whether we are interested in genealogy or not. But why not go further back and … Continue reading

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O Father, Where Art Thou?

Gosh! Almost a month has gone by since I last posted on the old blog – and yet I have so many things to tell you all! I think I’ll start with the most recent -and exciting- piece of genealogical … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

One cannot face November 11th without thinking of the year 1918, when the guns in Europe went silent for what was thought would be the very last time. I doubt there is one among you who can seriously claim to … Continue reading

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Piecing together my Italian great-grandmother’s (huge) family

Well, here I am, safe and sound, back in the real world for a change, and what a genealogical experience Italy has been! This was of course the second time my father and I ventured forth  and north in search … Continue reading

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Tips on how to trace your Galician genealogy

If you have ancestors who, like mine, came from the region of Galicia (NW Spain), then please read on. Here are a few facts and tips about how you can start tracing the family history of the gallegos in your … Continue reading

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The first Ronquete

Up until a couple of years ago, I had always been struck by the odd-sounding last name of my grandmother’s paternal grandfather, Miguel Ronquete. This unusual, very un-Spanish surname always seemed to me rather mysterious, particularly as most of the … Continue reading

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Understanding Passenger Lists

Genealogy can provide us a lot more than a mere list of names and dates plunging back endlessly into History. In an interview I recently read, a professional genealogist expressed her opinion that she prefers to investigate personal details about … Continue reading

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