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How did your ancestors meet?

Genealogists are naturally inquisitive. Let’s be honest: we are very nosy. We like detail, we love personal stories, we adore family gossip… but above all, we need facts. As family historians, you have probably asked your parents and even your … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

One cannot face November 11th without thinking of the year 1918, when the guns in Europe went silent for what was thought would be the very last time. I doubt there is one among you who can seriously claim to … Continue reading

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Piecing together my Italian great-grandmother’s (huge) family

Well, here I am, safe and sound, back in the real world for a change, and what a genealogical experience Italy has been! This was of course the second time my father and I ventured forth  and north in search … Continue reading

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Understanding Passenger Lists

Genealogy can provide us a lot more than a mere list of names and dates plunging back endlessly into History. In an interview I recently read, a professional genealogist expressed her opinion that she prefers to investigate personal details about … Continue reading

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