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“My family is boring”

“My family is very boring”. How many times do we, amateur genealogists, hear this awful phrase when we ask someone if they have ever researched their family history? Is it any wonder that people think their ancestry is as boring … Continue reading

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Mombaruzzo, where it all started

The small, provincial town of Mombaruzzo lies quietly on a small hilltop at the foot of the Italian Alps, and is surrounded by dense forests and seemingly endless fields of vineyards. Once a part of the old Duchy of Monferrato, … Continue reading

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The Family of Edgar Degas: genealogy through portraits

Having a painter in the family before the age of photography must have been a comfortable and convenient method of perpetuating one’s portrait into posterity. At least, that is what one can appreciate when analyzing French impressionist painter Edgar Degas‘s … Continue reading

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The Granny from Codling Hall

It’s always exciting to discover a relative who had a bit of money, or at least owned some property here and there. It makes you feel slightly above other genealogists who so far have only been able to trace labourers … Continue reading

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The most tragic Vickresses of all

A few years ago, thanks to one of the best genealogy websites available, I discovered that my great-great-grandmother was called Elizabeth Vickress. Her unusual, odd-sounding surname is apparently very old, but seems to have sprung out under its current spelling … Continue reading

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Ships in my family history

Ships are an essential part of any family who was compelled to emigrate before the dawn of the age of aeroplanes. Coming from a seaside town, I have always felt a close affinity with the sea, a deep-rooted feeling of … Continue reading

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Piecing lives together… even for those who are still around

Last night I rang my Auntie Joan. Well, she isn’t really my aunt; she’s actually my grandmother’s first cousin and the most senior member of the family who still remembers the time when my late grandmother was a child, growing … Continue reading

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A national hero in the family tree

After encountering only peasants and servants in the family tree, you can imagine how pleasant it is to find a genealogical link with a man who could well be considered a national hero. The courage and patriotism that he, Luis … Continue reading

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