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Blooming Brides

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of my great-grandparents’ wedding. I hope I will be able to arrange a big family gathering with my mother’s extended family, my great-grandparent’s 40-odd grandchildren. To freshen up my memory, I asked my … Continue reading

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Bye, Aunty Rita

Today my brother spoke to me on Skype; I knew something was up, because we hardly ever speak on Skype save for the odd conversation about something in particular now and then. He told me he had some news which … Continue reading

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Dora Carrington’s Family

Dora Carrington is perhaps best remembered for being associated with the bohemian, artistic Bloomsbury Group of the early 20th century. Although not a part of the Bloomsbury Group herself, Carrington knew some of group’s members intimately. The person who had … Continue reading

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The first Ronquete

Up until a couple of years ago, I had always been struck by the odd-sounding last name of my grandmother’s paternal grandfather, Miguel Ronquete. This unusual, very un-Spanish surname always seemed to me rather mysterious, particularly as most of the … Continue reading

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