La historia de nuestros antepasados aún está por contar.

Our ancestors’ stories are yet to be told.

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24 Responses to Contact

  1. Pfn says:

    Hola, encantada de encontrar a alguien que se dedica profundamente a esta búsqueda apasionante.

    Me gustaría contactar contigo, soy de Noia.

  2. B. says:

    Hola Daniel, te sigo desde tu anterior blog, me apasiona la historia y la genealogía. Tu blog es para mí un sitio imprescindible, me encanta transportarme en el tiempo leyendo tus artículos.
    Me gustaría conocer tu metodología de investigación, pero especialmente, como haces para poner en orden la historia y si finalmente intentas darle un formato de novela o algo parecido, es decir, como haces para que datos sueltos cobren interés.
    Espero que no te parezca mucho preguntar y si lo prefieres, podemos hablar por otro canal.
    Gracias por tus artículos.

  3. Barb Santos says:

    Hola Daniel,

    I stumbled upon your blog, and it’s been great! My dad’s family is from Galicia. I recently had my DNA tested ( I only got 4% Iberian peninsula, 16% GB, 11% Middle East, 7% West Europe and 55% Italian/Greek (mums side is Italian). I thought it was interesting that you two are Italian/Spanish.

    I’m going to apply to get my dad’s birth certificate sent to me.

    Thank you for this blog, it’s been a great help.

    • Dawsr says:

      Thank you Barb, for stopping by! I hope you can find out more about your Galician ancestors – if you need any help feel free to drop by again. Best wishes, and happy new year!

  4. Jill says:

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for a really interesting and helpful blog! It’s given me lots to think about Galicia thank you. How can I contact you? Also looking for Spanish and Italian family!

  5. Alan Ducklin says:

    I used your advice to request a copy of my mothers death certificate (Needed for my offspring to finalise Irish Citizenship, then Passport) and sent this off on 1/3/2018. I did not locate any e-mail reply from them and wonder (a) whether it got there or (b) if it got there but has not been acted upon. Any advice as to how I might proceed to get some progress? The request generated Certificate numbers that I assumed meant it had gone.

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Alan,
      If you received a confirmation e-mail (which indeed should have a reference code) then the request was certainly sent – it IS possible it was not received, although this is unlikely.
      If you wish to e-mail me the details of the request (name of the deceased, date of death, and the civil registry office/municipality you ordered from) I could try and find out whether the have received it.
      Best wishes,

      • Alan Ducklin says:

        Many thanks.

        My mothers name was Margaret Elizabeth Ducklin, she died on 22/02/2003
        Municipio del hecho La manga dl Mar Meno
        Consulado Murcia
        Pais Inscripto Cartagena

        The form generated the following info:-
        Numero de Resguardo 0029333/2018
        Codigo de Certificado C30-0031054/2018
        Fecha y Hora de Presentación 01/03/2018 11:52:10

        I hope this helps.

      • Alan Ducklin says:

        Just wondering if you picked up my mothers details and, if so, is there a rough time-line for a response? Thanks

      • Dawsr says:

        Hi Alan,
        Apologies for the delay. I will try to contact them this week and see whether they received your application or not.
        I’ll keep you posted.

      • Dawsr says:

        Alan, which Registry Office did you order the certificate from? La Manga del Mar Menor is not an actual municipality, and furthermore isn’t listed on the Ministry of Justice website. Feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail if you need any additional help. Best, D

      • Alan Ducklin says:

        Should it be Murcia, that is in the Medical Certificate. To be honest I have no idea where it was sent to I just pressed send at the end. Should I re-apply?

      • Alan Ducklin says:

        This is what I put on the form. I expect it is incorrect. “Fecha del hecho:22/02/2003 Municipio del hecho: LA Manga dl Mar Meno Inscrito en el consulado:Consulado:MURCIAPaís Inscrito:CARTEGENATomo:000”

      • Alan Ducklin says:

        Apologies for the delay in offering my promised comments regarding your help in sourcing my mothers death certificate from Spain. Having followed the advice offered in filling in the request form you so helpfully directed me to enhance my understanding of Spanish administrative structures which had initially rendered my internet request for said Death Certificate to reside in internet limbo. Once I realised this and contacted you directly your assistance was immediately available and enabled a more accurate resubmission. Not only that, however, but you submitted it on my behalf and very quickly sent me the Certificate I needed. I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort. As a result both my adult children now have Irish Citizenship and soon, I hope, like me, an Irish Passport. So unnecessary due to Brexit in my view but as we see ourselves as European so essential going forward. Many, many thanks.

  6. Jim petrie says:

    I am trying to obtain a copy of my first wife’s death certificate, she passed away in Tenerife in 2003 . I need a copy of this certificate for an adoption , as proof that the birth mother is deceased, have tried the instructions on the page but it’s not letting me gain acces , can you please help.

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Jim. I ordered a certificate yesterday and the procedure doesn’t seem to have changed – try again, and if it doesn’t work drop me an e-mail. Regards

  7. Vanessa clarke says:

    I followed your instructions on how to obtain a copy of my spanish certificate. I submitted it but I didn’t get a confirmation email. How long does it take? And how long does it taped to receive the certificate?


    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Vanessa,
      The e-mail arrives within moments of pressing the submit button (Step 4). If you’re sure you pressed the submit button check your spam. If you can’t find the e-mail, I would suggest trying to submit the form again. Make sure you reach the page where you get a confirmation number (you won’t need this number, but it’ll prove that you did submit the request). Hope this helps!

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  9. Alex says:

    Hi Daniel,

    This blog is so helpful! I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for a situation where I’m not sure where exactly my ancestor was born beyond two possible provinces. Does it make sense to just continue to submit requests with difference cities?

  10. Gillian Hammond says:

    Hi Daniel, I’ve just read with much fascination your piece on the Hammonds. I’m trying to trace back up to see if I have any association and have got to (I think) my 6th G.Grandfather but am struggling after that. Do you think you could help?

    • Hi Gillian. Thanks for your comment! Feel free to drop me an email with whatever information you have on your 6x great-grandfather, and I’ll have a stab at trying to find out more. If you have any records or links feel free to include them so I know what information you have already checked, and what you may have possibly left out. You’ll find my email address under “About me > Contact”

  11. Isabel Montserrat Sanchez Estevez says:

    Daniel, que excelente informacion nos brindas!

  12. Ann and Tim Hammond says:

    Hello Daniel, My husband has just shown me your Hammond family saga. He is descended from Vincent and Eleanor Hammond from Hatton through Richard. I have spent about 30 years researching this family on and off depending on working and family commitments. We have visited the house in Hatton several times on holidays to the UK (from Australia). The internet has made it possible for me to add to the information I found in the Shrewsbury Archives in 1989. Just looking at your research seems to agree with my findings but I’ll dig out my research to see if I can add anything I was thinking about when I last worked on this tree in 2018 in preparation for a return visit to the UK before Covid hit. I think Susanna (surname unknown) may have been an Edwards, from memory, having a Vincent in her family and other connections. I also found a connection to Longleat from memory, so take that with a grain of salt until I check my notes. It’s really wonderful to see all the information so beautifully presented. Regards, Ann Hammond

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