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This year’s Christmas present: Great-Auntie Rita

Just when you think you know almost everything about your closest relatives, WHAM, you get a brand new person to hook on the family tree, opening up a whole new branch in your ancestral garden… and who knows what else. … Continue reading

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A rather unusual marriage

In the past three years or so I have encountered just a small handful of couples whose ages were slightly apart from one another. Finding a case where the bride was a lot older than her husband was even harder. … Continue reading

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Runaway Dad

I know that growing without a dad is tough. If you or anyone else close to you grew up without a parent, then you know what I’m talking about. Whether it was a war, or a fatal illness which snatched … Continue reading

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The elusive Mr Davis

My first real post about my family tree ought to be dedicated, I suppose, to my latest genealogical conundrum. A couple of weeks ago, my father ordered four certificates from the General Records Office in England. All four certificates correspond … Continue reading

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Once upon a while ago…

Opening a new blog about genealogy is something I have often wanted to do. For some odd reason, maybe with my ancestors giving me the final push I needed, and with much delay, today I have finally decided to open … Continue reading

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