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Granny Morris

For me, growing up in Spain and being occasionally visited by my English grandmother was a real joy. My grandmother, whom I affectionately referred to as Nana, was everything you could expect from an English granny: loving and cuddly, she … Continue reading

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A mystery, finally solved?

Conundrum Years ago, when I first started investigating the origins of my Allen ancestors, I inevitably turned to the Internet for help. The 1841, 1851 and 1861 census records I had access to at the time revealed that my most remote … Continue reading

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Explore cousin-marriages… within your family tree!

Marry your cousin? No way, you’re probably thinking. But there was a time, however, when marrying close relatives was not just usual, it was also the norm, and more often than not, a desirable experience. Marrying a first cousin, or … Continue reading

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Naughty Nancy

For a few days I have been pining for a family tree mystery. It has been ages since I last found a real question mark in my ancestry, but this morning I fortunately seem to have stumbled across one. Trying … Continue reading

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Feliz 256 cumpleaños, “abuela”

El pasado 9 de febrero, día de Santa Apolonia, se cumplieron exactamente 256 años del nacimiento de mi 4x tatarabuela en la Puebla del Caramiñal (en gallego, Pobra do Caramiñal). Casi de inmediato fue conducida a la pila bautismal, donde … Continue reading

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Mad as a March Hare

It was the year 1854. Cholera broke out in many parts of the world, and decimated countless families. My family was among those affected, and very probably among one of the epidemic’s numerous victims was my 6x great-uncle, Elias de … Continue reading

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“You May Kiss the Child”

“I have always considered marriage as the most interesting event of one’s life, the foundation of happiness or misery”. These very wise words, addressed to a friend, were written by George Washington in 1795. That same year, one of my … Continue reading

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Understanding Passenger Lists

Genealogy can provide us a lot more than a mere list of names and dates plunging back endlessly into History. In an interview I recently read, a professional genealogist expressed her opinion that she prefers to investigate personal details about … Continue reading

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Unearthing a tyrant in the family

We genealogists have an inevitable tendency to visualize all our ancestors through the lens of romanticism and redemption. In most cases we may well be very near the mark, as I am sure many of our forebears were generally nice … Continue reading

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You’re A Lady, Not Toad Of Toad Hall!

Some months before ITV’s Downton Abbey was first released to the general public in Britain last year, I had already become fascinated by American heiresses who one way or other managed to become the wives of some of the wealthiest … Continue reading

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