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My ancestor Eleanor Cam (1587-????)

This is the biography – as far as I am able to tell it with the limited documentation I have been able to find so far – of my 11x great-grandmother Eleanor Jones, née Cam. Eleanor Cam, who would later … Continue reading

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It is a truth universally acknowledged…

…that wills are the most amazing source of family history. They can just as easily reveal new names to add to one’s family tree, or reveal a forgotten family secret – like a disinherited relative, an illegitimate child, or a … Continue reading

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The Sheppards: fame, family and fortune!

If you could choose to be related to any celebrity who has appeared on the well-known genealogy TV show Who Do You Think You Are?, who would it be? Well, if any of the stories that have been researched so … Continue reading

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The mysterious origins of Auntie Ivy

When I first began researching the English side of my family tree, I would occasionally ask my relatives to name my great-grandmother’s siblings as I’d try to figure out who was who among the mound of aunts and uncles that … Continue reading

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Part I: A mound of relatives

Lately I dedided to do a bit of research on the Mounds, the family of my 3x great-grandmother Ellen. But before delving into the past and (hopefully) unearth some skeletons, let’s learn a bit more about Ellen herself. To start … Continue reading

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Milboroughs and Montilions

John, Ann, William, Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth. These are probably names which appear dozens, if not hundreds of times in your family history, particularly as you delve into the earlier decades of the 18th century. However, while researching you family … Continue reading

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Adopting new attitudes towards adopting

Have you ever considered adopting a child? Whether the answer is yes or no, I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve come across families with an adopted child or children. In fact, adoption is an alternative regulated … Continue reading

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Verifying Ellen

I love going over the facts on my family tree to check if they’re correct. Very often it happens to me that I feel unsure about some of my past online findings, and I start to wonder whether I may … Continue reading

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My family’s own “Downton Abbey”

Apparently, in 19th century England there were more people working in service than actually working down the mines. Being employed in someone else’s household as a member of staff was an alternative available to those who, for instance, wished to … Continue reading

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