Over the years I have been asked for help by other researchers, both amateur and professional, as well as ordinary people who are simply keen to investigate their family roots. One way or another, my assistance, advice and research has hopefully enabled them to advance in their own quest to unearth their personal family histories.

These are some of the testimonials left by some of those researchers, to whom I am very grateful for their kind recognition and support:

Having spent months at an impasse while researching my Italian heritage I came across Daniel’s blog and his success stories in helping others discover their past.  I reached out by email and instantly found him an enthusing, skilled and responsive practitioner, who quickly uncovered records, and articles that built a fascinating picture of my ancestors journey across continental Europe. I’m very grateful to Daniel for investing his time and interest in researching my family.

Will D. (Bristol, England)


I accidentally stumbled onto Daniel’s blog while researching my husband’s Spanish family tree, from Australia. Information was scant from our end, and we had very little hope of deciphering any Spanish records we could obtain. Daniel’s expert knowledge of the Spanish archives, registries, record offices, language and geography proved to be invaluable to us. He has helped us immensely.

Fiona (Melbourne, Australia)


I’ve been meaning to trace my Spanish lineage for quite some time now.  Both of my paternal grandparents emigrated from A Coruna, at the beginning of the twentieth century.  The task appeared daunting, trying to reach out to each and every local diocese or municipality in Galicia, trying to track down what parish may have what, requesting documents and information not found online. I finally decided to do something, and that’s when I stumbled upon Daniel’s blog, The Genealogy Corner. I sent the writer/researcher an email on a “wing and a prayer”… and a few days later, I got an email with ten attachments, with documents full of information that I never knew. I didn’t just get names and dates of ancestors, but their lives were animated and brought to life with Daniel’s summaries and recaps. I read an amazing news account of my pregnant great-great grandmother who nearly drowned… In essence, I discovered more about my Spanish roots in one email from Daniel than I was able to absorb over a lifetime from listening to stories from my dad and his siblings. Basically, a few days after clicking send on an email requesting Daniel’s assistance and expertise, I am on Google Maps and looking at the building my great grandfather lived in as a young boy in Coruna’s historic city center.  I truly recommend taking the initiative and asking for this man’s help!

Matthew Fraguela (Texas, USA)


Thank you, Daniel, for your response to my email concerning researching my 5th great grandfather in Spain.  Your webinar which I viewed on www.familytreewebnars.com is the most comprehensive I have seen.  Spanish genealogy information can be confusing and you explain it perfectly.  I appreciate all the genealogy and historical information which you provided.

Yvonne E. (Louisiana, USA)


I reached out to Daniel as I faced a brick wall in Spain, with registries having been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. I had little hope of rebuilding what had disappeared a century ago, but his knowledge of Spanish Civil Registry organisation is a great help, and I am confident that if something can be found, it will be thanks to him. On top of that, I’m eager to be able to attend one of his conferences about Spanish genealogy, which is quite different to the genealogical research I’m used to in France. Daniel is very helpful and supportive, don’t hesitate to call for his help!

Cyrille M. (Brussels, Belgium)


Daniel has proved an invaluable support with a recent Tenerife-based project. His knowledge of Spanish genealogy and his ability to communicate with numerous sources around Tenerife has been essential to me as a non-Spanish speaker. As Spanish genealogy varies enormously from that of England and Britain, I have very much appreciated Daniel’s expertise in the world of Spanish geography, family history, and its related archives. It has also been a pleasure to work with someone of Daniel’s enthusiastic personality and keenness to obtain results. Thank you, Daniel!

Emma Jolly (London, England)


I have had the great fortune of being a DNA match with Daniel. He contacted me to inquire which relatives we might have in common. In a few brief weeks he discovered documents which had eluded me for decades. The man knows his way around the genealogy landscape. I’m not sure how he does it, but he knows how to get results. His enthusiasm and understanding of how it all works has reignited my own interest in continuing the search for my ancestors which had dwindled in recent years because I hit a brick wall. Right when you hit the brick wall, it’s time to contact Daniel because he will think of something you haven’t. He also appears to have a working relationship with the custodians of archived material, giving him an inside edge in getting results.

Marilyn C. D’Auria (New Jersey, USA)


My maternal grandfather, was a Spanish seaman who met and married my Spanish grandmother in Liverpool, England. He died before I was born and I had absolutely no information about him other than his name and a possible date of birth. I had fully researched my grandmother’s Spanish family but my grandfather’s life was a mystery and would have remained so had it not been for the wonderful world of twitter! In response to one of my tweets I was contacted by Sonia Sanchez who provided the first piece of the puzzle through a census return. Daniel then got in touch offering his expertise and via twitter and email has taken the time and trouble to keep me informed of his research on my behalf. Daniel has accomplished in a matter of weeks what I had failed to do in 16 years! I will be eternally grateful, not only for his skill, but for his personal interest in my family’s story.

Carmen Smith (Lancashire, England)


My paper ancestry is all in Spain and as I live in the UK I do not have easy access to any of the archives that I require access to. Very little is online so a lot of Spanish genealogy is done in archives or registry offices. Daniel kindly offered to help me find one of my ancestors with the surname Dopico in the Santiago archives. I’d found some information and am in the process of verifying the data. Daniel came back with a whole host of useful details about not just one, but various people. I’m eternally grateful to him for doing this as it has helped me take my research further than I’d hoped. ¡Gracias!

Sonia Sanchez (London, England)


While researching my Spanish Family History, I came upon Daniel’s Genealogy page. His Links to the Spanish Registry helped me tremendously in figuring out how to order a Spanish birth certificate online. He also graciously responded to my inquiries about additional family information, and found lots of interesting and helpful Spanish family records within one day! He is truly helpful and interested in your family story. Please don’t hesitate to contact him!

Tony Rey (New Jersey, USA)


When I first started researching my Spanish ancestry, by great luck I came across Daniel’s informative blog. Being a complete novice I didn’t have a clue where to start. if it wasn’t for Daniel’s in-depth information on delving into Galician family history and the actual process of ordering a Spanish birth certificate, I’d still be at square one. Being from the UK and only having English as my language, Daniel has kindly helped me on various occasions translating my family birth records that are all in Spanish. With Daniel’s passion and enthusiasm for genealogy I truly believe he can get to the core of even the most complicated of stories!

Isabel Galdo (London, England)


Daniel contacted me as a result of his DNA match to one of my sons.  I have been researching my husband’s family tree and though I have in-laws in Spain, they seem reluctant or uninterested in assisting me.  This is something I have encountered over the years with my own family tree.  Daniel is truly a treasure and friend in genealogy research.  He has provided documents that I thought I would never be able to obtain.  It is so exciting to be on the trail again researching my children’s paternal ancestry.  And that is due to Daniel’s unselfishness in sharing his discoveries and providing links for me to follow.

Helen W. Gonzalez (Florida, USA)


I have spent many years researching my family history, and discovered that my Father, whom I never knew, had died in Spain. It was whilst trying to discover how to access Spanish records, I soon realised that this was a complicated minefield. Then, I came across Daniel’s site, and asked for help filling in the request form for my Father’s certificate. Instead of just helping me complete the form, Daniel contacted the relevant municipal office for me, obtained the death certificate, and translated it into English for me, in a matter of a couple of weeks. He is truly helpful, and efficient, and I am so glad I came across his page.

John C. (England)


I came across Daniel’s WordPress whilst trying to find more details for my son-in-law concerning the death of his father whilst he was living in Spain.  I wrote to him on the off-chance that he may be able to help me, and help me he did.  He was able to get me a copy of the death certificate which was so important to enable my son-in-law to get closure and he also translated the document so we could understand it. Without his help, skill and kindness, I doubt we would ever have succeeded. I am very grateful to Daniel for all his help and hope his success in this field continues to grow.

Jan E. (Bedfordshire, England)


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