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The confusing story of Henry Hodges and Catherine Morris

I remember years ago when I first researched my great-great-grandfather’s eldest sister, Catherine Morris, that I didn’t find her story particularly interesting. She married, had children, and then died. At first it was all rather dull and straightforward – or so … Continue reading

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Who Do You Think You Are Live! 2016

My head is still buzzing with information, my feet occasionally still hurt, and my bank account is a sad sight. Yes, the effects of the annual Who Do You Think You Are! Live trade fair are still fresh in my mind … Continue reading

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Fatherless fathers and a long line of strong women

Have you ever thought about what traits you may have inherited from you dad and mum? The obvious answer is “of course”, we all have, whether we are interested in genealogy or not. But why not go further back and … Continue reading

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O Father, Where Art Thou?

Gosh! Almost a month has gone by since I last posted on the old blog – and yet I have so many things to tell you all! I think I’ll start with the most recent -and exciting- piece of genealogical … Continue reading

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A Matriarch’s Ordeal

Now that the weekend has slowly ebbed away, I can positively say that I wasted it away completely. Well, not entirely, because I spent most of it double-checking some collateral lines in my family tree which I had neglected for … Continue reading

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Divorce, Spanish style

Divorce, or the dissolution of a marriage, is an institution which has existed for centuries. Although we may not realise it, there were hundreds of historical divorces which preceded the case of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine … Continue reading

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Runaway Dad

I know that growing without a dad is tough. If you or anyone else close to you grew up without a parent, then you know what I’m talking about. Whether it was a war, or a fatal illness which snatched … Continue reading

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