In 2014 I completed my Masters in Nobility Law, Genealogy and Heraldry by the National University of Distance University (Spain), but my passion for family history began during my childhood. Over the years, I have combined my own personal research mainly in England, Italy and Spain with contributions to the world of genealogy through articles, conferences and webinars around the globe.

Speaking at the CGHUE conference in Brussels in 2017.

Conferences & Webinars


  • 28-30 April 2016, Who Do You Think You Are? Live (as participant only), Birmingham (UK)
  • 7-8 April 2017, Who Do You Think You Are? Live (as participant only), Birmingham (UK)
  • 7 November 2017, Conference (with Christian Juliusson) on Genetic Genealogy: How to apply genetics to your family tree research, CGHUE, Brussels (Belgium)
  • 23 March 2019, Webinar on An Introduction to Spanish Surnames, The Surname Society (online)
  • 8 June 2019, Talk on Carrying out Research in Spain, The Genealogy Show 2019, Birmingham (UK)
  • 6-8 September 2019, MyHeritage Live (as participant only), Amsterdam (The Netherlands)



  • 28 January 2021, Revisioning Iberian Blackness, Representación e Identidad de la Diáspora Negra en la España y el Atlántico Modernos, siglos XVI-XVIIAsociación Española de Jóvenes Modernistas, online event
  • 25-27 February 2021, Three talks in Spanish and French on Spanish genealogical research (El Registro Civil Español, Los Registros Eclesiásticos de España y Cinco Fuentes indispensables para tu investigación genealógica española), RootsTech Connect, online event
  • 14 March 2021, An Introduction to pre-1750 Spanish records, Sephardic Genealogy, online event
  • 27 March 2021, Italian genealogy: a practical study on combining DNA and traditional research, Anglo-Italian Family History Society, online event
  • 10 April 2021, Matrimonium: Spanish marital customs & marriage records, Legacy Family Tree Webinars, online event
  • 25-26 June 2021, THE Genealogy Show, Birmingham (UK), online event

Publications & Contributions

  • Article: “How I Brought Down an Old Family Brick Wall”, Tree Tappers bulletin, Malvern Family History Society (spring 2018 issue)
  • Regular contributions to THE Genealogy Show 2019‘s blog
  • Article: “Experts Choice column”, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (May 2018 issue)
  • Article (Spanish): Anota en tu calendario: ¡THE Genealogy Show!, MyHeritage Blog (21 January 2019)
  • Article: “Cousins marrying cousins”, Tree Tappers bulletin, Malvern Family History Society (spring 2019 issue)
  • Article: “A Scribbled Address Helped Us Find My GI Grandfather“, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (December 2019 issue)
  • Contribution to John Boeren’s article for the “News from Europe” section of the Quarterly Newsletter of the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, Volume 31, Number 4 (December 2019)
  • Regular contributions to THE Genealogy Show 2020‘s blog

Speaking at THE Genealogy Show in 2019.

Academic background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English and French Translation and Interpreting, University of Salamanca (Spain), 2003-2008
  • Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, Diplomatic School of Madrid, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, 2009-2010
  • Masters’ Degree in Nobility Law, Genealogy and Heraldry, National University of Distance Education (UNED, Spain), 2014

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