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The legend (and family) of Lizzie Borden

“Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks; when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.” The gruesome lyrics of a children’s song about one of the most infamous murders which took place in … Continue reading

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Long live my ancestors!

If I ever get to live to a ripe old age, it will probably be thanks to the excellent genes which my Tippins ancestors seem to have perpetuated into history through my family’s veins. Inexplicably, several of my relatives on … Continue reading

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Reviving dead lines and the Titanic

Have you ever come across a line in your family which you thought had become extinct? Have you ever assumed a distant relative passed away without having had children? Ever felt like that person attached to a solitary name hanging … Continue reading

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A brick-wall called Ann Williams

Stumbling upon a brick-wall when you’re researching your family tree is very common. It can prove a difficult mystery to solve, but these situations are after all what make genealogy fascinating – how boring it would be if it was … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler’s family tree

It is often stated that Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for the death of over 6 million Jews and countless other innocents in the Second World War, had Jewish blood flowing through his veins. The story, is in fact, false, … Continue reading

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Titanic victim’s niece survives Concordia disaster

Like many of you out there, I am utterly stunned by the amazingly horrific images of the recent Costa Concordia disaster off the Island of Giglio, on the western coast of Italy. The footage showing the ship gradually listing to … Continue reading

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John Tippins, the fate of a family passion

Guns and bullets seem to have been central in the life of my distant relative, John Tippins, an expert rifleman who won many medals during his all too short life. Ironically, it was also a bullet – an enemy bullet … Continue reading

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Discovering new aunties in the 19th century

Ever since my dad bought me a subscription on last Christmas, I have spent many hours researching and downloading documents about my relatives in England, America and the Commonwealth. A few days ago I discovered someone had published their … Continue reading

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Love and Courtship… at the spa of Mondariz

I will not pretend my background is at all affluent. Far from it in fact. If you go back long enough, you will see that my family tree is mostly populated by farmers, agricultural labourers and other individuals for whom … Continue reading

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Verifying Ellen

I love going over the facts on my family tree to check if they’re correct. Very often it happens to me that I feel unsure about some of my past online findings, and I start to wonder whether I may … Continue reading

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