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Tips on how to trace your Galician genealogy

If you have ancestors who, like mine, came from the region of Galicia (NW Spain), then please read on. Here are a few facts and tips about how you can start tracing the family history of the gallegos in your … Continue reading

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Hardcore Genealogy

This morning I was pleased to find that a fellow wordpress blogger had clicked the “like” button on two of my recent posts. As a general rule I always think it’s polite to at least check the blog of those … Continue reading

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A family of stonemasons

I don’t know about you, but at least in my case there aren’t many trades or professions which have been passed down the family generation alter generation. For some undisclosed reason, when the time came to choose a profession, most … Continue reading

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Divorce, Spanish style

Divorce, or the dissolution of a marriage, is an institution which has existed for centuries. Although we may not realise it, there were hundreds of historical divorces which preceded the case of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine … Continue reading

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