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The life of Sophia Rice

As most of my ancestral lines are deeply rooted in rural Herefordshire and some of the surrounding counties, I rarely associate the North of England with my own family tree. The Yorkshire moors, and the industrial landscapes of Lancashire, are … Continue reading

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Researching Clara Allen

Several years ago I learned, thanks to the English census, that my great-great-grandfather John Allen had a younger sister called Clara. For some inexplicable reason, I have always felt a keen interest in Clara’s story – perhaps because for many … Continue reading

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The mystery of John Davis: Part 1

For years I have been puzzled by the figure of my great-great-great-grandfather, John Davis, whose anonymous name, death and origins are as obscure as they can get. To explain why he represents such a mysterious to me, I should at … Continue reading

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Who Do You Think You Are? Nigella Lawson

SPOILER WARNING! One of my favourite Who Do You Think You Are? episodes is the one starring Nigella Lawson (series 3, episode 6), the TV personality and cook book writer who has lately come under huge scrutiny due to her … Continue reading

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Tribute to a father

Tomorrow, March 19th, is Father’s Day in Spain. A year ago exactly, a short letter from our newly-discovered Aunt Rita enclosing pictures of my up-to-then unknown grandfather arrived on our doorstep. And my, have we gone a long way since … Continue reading

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A family of stonemasons

I don’t know about you, but at least in my case there aren’t many trades or professions which have been passed down the family generation alter generation. For some undisclosed reason, when the time came to choose a profession, most … Continue reading

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Annie the cook

I am notorious within my family for being a bad cook. Cooking a sad plate of pasta or heating up a frozen pizza is probably as far as I’ll be able to go – unless a particular situation requires a … Continue reading

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My family’s own “Downton Abbey”

Apparently, in 19th century England there were more people working in service than actually working down the mines. Being employed in someone else’s household as a member of staff was an alternative available to those who, for instance, wished to … Continue reading

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