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What’s new on Ancestry? October 2016 edition

We’re already nearing mid-October and those of you who are on Ancestry may have noticed a new array of records that have been uploaded or updated (in italics) on their website. Here’s a glimpse of what you can find among … Continue reading

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You’re A Lady, Not Toad Of Toad Hall!

Some months before ITV’s Downton Abbey was first released to the general public in Britain last year, I had already become fascinated by American heiresses who one way or other managed to become the wives of some of the wealthiest … Continue reading

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The Family of Edgar Degas: genealogy through portraits

Having a painter in the family before the age of photography must have been a comfortable and convenient method of perpetuating one’s portrait into posterity. At least, that is what one can appreciate when analyzing French impressionist painter Edgar Degas‘s … Continue reading

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My slave-owning American cousins

If a couple of days ago I commented on the grief of parents over the loss of their infant children, I wonder how much worse it would be to receive a letter or a telegram containing the awful news that … Continue reading

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