Once upon a while ago…

Ready, steady, go!

Opening a new blog about genealogy is something I have often wanted to do. For some odd reason, maybe with my ancestors giving me the final push I needed, and with much delay, today I have finally decided to open this blog. The Genealogical Corner will, I hope, explore the many and unknown sides family genealogy has to offer everyone who makes a pause in life and starts to build their family history from scratch. I am happy to say it will not all be about names, dates and places. It will be about people, some long gone.  And what happened to them. And how they lived. And about the things they did. And the reasons which made them do those things. It will be exploring History from a personal perspective.

I intend my blog to be a place of research and reminder, but also a place of interest to whoever stops by. Getting ten thousand visits a day and dozens of comments is not my goal, though I will be very glad if anyone takes a minute to drop a simple message, and perhaps share their own stories to tell. For practical reasons I will only use English as my main language, but genealogical research in non-English speaking countries may also be analysed.

Genealogy is a fascinating and productive hobby, greatly misunderstood by many, but fortunately with an increasing number of followers each day. I hope this blog will give useful tips and ideas to those seeking their ancestry, like me.

Best of luck to you all!

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