Eric Cartwright (1896-1916)

Eric Percival St George Cartwright was born in Leicestershire in the summer of 1896, the youngest son of Arthur Cartwright, who worked as School Inspector in the Worcester District. Eric’s mother, Ellen Mabel, was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Heywood, a Manchester magistrate who belonged to a wealthy family.

The Cartwrights moved to Colwall after Eric’s birth, and moved into a property known as The Knoll, where they lived when the 1911 census was taken. The family later moved to Rothbury, Hay. Young Eric was educated at Bilton Grange, Rugby and Charterhouse, where he joined the Officer Training Corps.

Soon after the First World War broke out in 1914, Eric was commissioned into the 4th Leinster Regiment, which was based in Cork. He was seconded to the Machine Gun Corps and went to the front in January 1915.

In August 1916 a fellow officer wrote of him: “He directed the fire of the gun in the most splendid manner in the attack on the night of the 12th and did great work. No-one in the particular part of the line worked harder that night through the attack and many a man had his wounds bandaged by Eric. He was hit by a sniper as it was beginning to get light and died instantaneously. He was buried the following and the ceremony was attended by the whole Company.”

Thus Eric Cartwright went to his death on 13th August 1916.


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