Summer updates

Dear readers,

I must humbly and sincerely apologise for my absence since last July. I wish I had a good excuse, such as a prolonged holiday somewhere hot, or at least a fruitful trip somewhere where my ancestors lived generations ago. But unfortunately, my summer has been spent almost exclusively in Brussels, at work, with very little time or energy to do family research.

I tell a lie. There have been developments, although not very big ones. Still, I’ll probably allude to them very soon. I basically wanted to say “Hey, wake up, I’m still alive” to you all, and inform you of some changes yet to come.

First of all, my blog will now become bilingual. I think one of the advantages of having a blog about genealogy and family history is that you can use it as a tool to try and get in touch with distant relatives who are, like one self, looking for their ancestry. Sounds a bit like fortune-telling or a medium, doesn’t it? Thus, as about half of my ancestors came from Spain, I will now use Spanish to write those articles about my Spanish (i.e. maternal) relatives and ancestors. But don’t worry! English will still be the main language on this blog, and I will carry on using it as my main language of communication with you all.

Secondly, I will also start writing (in English, mind you) reviews and comments on the hit BBC series Who Do You Think You Are?, sharing with you all my opinion about each episode in detail.

Apart from the odd physical change on the blog (maybe a change of cover picture, or a different background?), I think that’s it.

And now, perhaps a Who Do You Think You Are? episode and a nice hot cup of tea.

Have a good one!

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