Are you going to THE Genealogy Show 2020? Because I am!

UPDATE: This event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020. Check the website linked below for further information and updates about the next edition.

This is definitely the week of announcements! OK, this may no longer be actual news to some of you – I fully realise the talk I’m going to tell you about now was already announced a few weeks ago – but following the huge success of 2019 edition of THE Genealogy Show, I can’t really see the old year out without talking about next year’s edition – and yes, you’ve guessed it: I’ll be there again with a new talk!

As many of you know by now, THE Genealogy Show was conceived through the enthusiasm and vision of the Show’s director Kirsty Gray, who turned it into a reality thanks to the help of a wonderful international crew of volunteers – among whom I am privileged to include myself. Most of us, having been regular attendees at Who Do You Think You Are? Live in preceding years, acutely felt the sting of losing such a fantastic event on this side of the Atlantic.

The first edition of THE Genealogy Show took place last June in Birmingham’s NEC, and will return again to the same venue on 26 and 27 June 2020. While undeniably retaining some parallels and similarities with WDYTYA LiveTHE Genealogy Show is different from traditional genealogy events and trade fairs in the UK because of how it has been conceived and executed: based on a solidly international basis, with an incredibly democratic outlook and a unique grassroots attitude which allows new ideas to just materialise, to the delight of attendees. One of the many surprises in store for you in 2020 will be… An Escape Room Experience!

Some very fond memories of the 2019 edition…

In 2019 I spoke at THE Genealogy Show on Spanish genealogical research. My talk for the 2020 edition (scheduled to take place on Friday 26 June) will shift to a much more personal story, titled Finding Paul: How I discovered a cousin I never knew I had. It will be a first-hand account which will cover a wide range of areas: genetics, family history, ethics…  But I’m keeping the biggest of all surprises until the very end of my talk, so why not join me in Birmingham? You will find further details about my presentation on THE Genealogy Show‘s website.

I can’t close off without mentioning the other speakers on the programme. For the first time a genealogy event of this size will have an all-female cast as its keynote speakers: Celia Heritage, Roberta Estes, Maureen Taylor and Fiona Fitzsimons. In addition, I am truly honoured to share the speaker programme with some of the most amazing names from the genealogical world: Jonny Perl, Michelle Leonard, Les Mitchinson, Nathan Dylan Goodwin, Robert Parker, Dave Annal… The list is practically endless!

Remember that tickets for THE Genealogy Show are already on sale (check the website for current offers and discounts), with early bird fees applying until 5 January 2020!

Crowds of enthusiastic genealogists arriving at the 2019 edition last June.

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